Arogya Vahini

Arogya Vahini’s ‘Healthcare on wheels’ program by Aasaraa Sevasharm

National governments all over the world are striving to expand and improve their healthcare services. The present concern in both developed and developing countries is not only to reach the whole population with adequate health care services, but also to secure an acceptable level of health for all, through the application of primary health care programs.

Discoveries in medical science and improved social conditions during past few decades have increased the life span of man. But in a developing country like India the situations are not favorable for its elderly population. Here, either the elderly population cannot afford the ever increasing medical costs, or good healthcare is well beyond their reach. In rural parts in India, awareness and reach to proper medical centers is still a big question.

Proposed Intervention by Aasaraa Sevashram:

Arogya Vahini’s ‘Healthcare on wheels’ program by Aasaraa Sevasharm. These health care vehicles resolve the issues of inaccessibility and inability to afford and non-availability of basic essential health care to the poor older segment of the society. The programme fulfils a vital need in the lives of our beneficiaries.
Arogya Vahini program will indeed prove to be a very effective one because it not only provides health security, which is a direct and discernible effect but also gives emotional, and to an extent financial security, to the beneficiaries.


Healthcare services to be provided by Arogya Vahini:
  • Medical consultation
  • Free medicines
  • Basic diagnostics
  • Home care for bedridden / immobile elders
  • Sensitization and training
  • Treatment data collection
All Vehicles will be equipped with the following personnel:
  • Social Awareness Officer
  • Medical Consultant
  • Physiotherapist
  • Pharmacist
  • Driver
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Expected positive outcomes

  • Increase awareness among the community, especially the elderly beneficiaries about the rights of the elderly, govt. schemes and preventive healthcare.
  • Easy access to basic healthcare.
  • Early detection of lifestyle diseases that can be followed up at district level hospitals for further intervention.
  • Follow-up care & monitoring for diseases requiring long-term treatment.
  • Provide the beneficiaries with much required dignity and respect.

The proposal, if approved, is expected to change the lives of several disadvantaged older persons living in the areas of coverage.

Proposed running costs of one Arogya Vahini

Running costs will be based on health services delivery costs, which includes medicines, diagnostic & medical consumables, health awareness materials, doctors, physiotherapist, pharmacist, casual staff salary, vehicle fuel & coordination & logistics costs which includes vehicle & equipment maintenance, telephone reimbursement, local conveyance, office consumables, postage, office rent, stationary printing.

Aasaraa Sevashram needs support for both, capital costs and running costs for its existing Arogya Vahini vans.

The demand is big and so are the challenges. But, together we can make a difference.

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