About Us

At “Aasaraa Sevashram” we believe the smallest of efforts can bring in the biggest of smiles on the faces that deserve it the most.

Who We Are

This is a phase in history when almost 19 percent of the Indian population is above the age of 60. In today’s world, time is scarce and livelihoods have become the aim of living. Urbanization, modernization and globalization have led to change in in economic structure resulting in erosion of traditional sense of duty and obligation of younger generation towards their older generation. How does an old person survive amidst this race? Baffled by these questions and disturbed by the statistics, a group of like-minded people came together to find the answer in AASARAA.

Who we are

AASARAA, when translated to English, means ‘Shelter’ or ‘Anchor’. The seeds of AASARAA were sown to provide shelter and support to the aging population.We are grateful our donors, medical professionals and volunteers with whom we have been successful touching many lives in distress, with some initiatives like carrying out surveys, organizing regular health-checkup camps, distributing medicines and counseling our beneficiaries. All that we have learnt till now is that the journey is long and the need is huge,but together we can surely make a difference. Come and join hands with AASARAA Sevashram’s supporting old age program with either your financial support or by investing your valuable time in many lives that need you.

Join Us In The Campaign To Help Our Aging Population

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