Aasaraa Vriddhashram

Aasaraa Vriddhashram – Old-age Home

It is rightly said that ‘a home is where your heart is’. It is a place where you belong, a place that is more than a shelter and comprises of your loved ones. But for those who are homeless and who cannot afford to experience the warmth of a home, it is impossible to imagine what it feels to be in a home.

Aasaraa Vriddhashram is an old-age home which happens to be our dream project. We are working towards building Aasaraa Vriddhashram near Pune. The home will provide shelter, love and care to up to 300 inmates irrespective of their caste creed and sex.

The beneficiaries will include elderly people

With Aasaraa Vriddhashram we want to take up a holistic approach. We believe the old-age home should a self-reliant one. Hence the plans are to include the following in the future
Farm and dairy

Dairy, Farming area that would have fresh vegetables for the home.

Medical Facilities

Medical facility – to provide 24/7 medical attention to our beneficiaries


Physical and cultural activities Yoga, Indoor games and a library.

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